Legislation within the City of Goodview

The City of Goodview was incorporated in August of 1946 and operates under a plan A form of government (weak mayor-councilperson form).  As of September 13, 2002, the city has been classified as 4th class.  The City of Goodview is a political subdivision of the State of Minnesota.  It is governed by a five member board.

Mayor and Councilpersons
Policy making and city legislative authority are vested with the city council consisting of the mayor and four councilmembers.  The City Council is responsible for adopting ordinances and the budget, appointing committees, hiring the city administrator and city attorney, among other tasks.


Any citizen over the age of 18 years who has been a resident of Minnesota for more than 20 days may vote at elections in the City of Goodview. You may register at the Winona County Auditor's Office in Winona. There are two precincts in the City of Goodview. Voting for all precincts is held at the Goodview Fire Station, 4135 5th Street, Goodview. Please contact the City of Goodview office to receive information on the correct precinct for voting.  At the time of election, the election judges will also be of assistance in the proper voting precinct.