The City of Goodview is governed by State Law which bans all open burning.  The Goodview Fire Chief has the option to issue a burning permit when specific requirements and conditions are met.



Open Fire or Open Burning is defined as a fire burning in a matter which is NOT contained within a fully enclosed firebox, structure, or vehicle from which the products of combustion are emitted directly to the open atmosphere without passing through a stack, duct or chimney.


Recreational Fires:

Fires in an outdoor fireplace or fires used exclusively for cooking, warmth, or recreational purpose are permitted.  They may not be used for burning litter, refuse, garbage, leaves or paper.  These fires may NOT exceed a diameter of 3 feet and a height of 2 feet.  All fires shall never be left unattended and there shall be a means of immediate extinguishment readily available.  Fires within a ring composed of noncombustible materials shall not be closer than 50 feet from any combustible structure.  The fires within 50 feet shall have a protective spark arresting screen across the entire top of the ring.   Burning shall be done ni a manner so that dense smoke and noxious fumes are not created that would cause a nuisance to neighboring properties.


Burning Permits:

To secure a burning permit for non-recreational fires, please e-mail the Fire Chief at


See City Ordinance No. 93 for more detailed information.