All dogs over six months of age must be licensed.  Dog licenses expire annually on February 28. All dogs must be vaccinated for rabies effective through the current licensing period. Please be aware of Goodview City Ordinance 90, with amendments  Dogs are not permitted to run at large or bark or cry habitually at any time.  All dogs must be under control by their owner at all times and any dog caught running at large may be impounded; penalties and impounding fees will be enforced. It shall be the duty of each person having the custody or control of a dog to remove any feces left by such dog on any sidewalk, gutter, street, park land or other public property, or any public area, and to dispose of such feces in a sanitary manner.


Number of Dogs Allowed

Per City Ordinance #90, each residence is allowed to have a maximum of two dogs over the age of 15 days.  Temporary permission to keep more than two dogs over the age of 15 days may be granted for periods as determined by the City Council upon application.


How to Obtain Licensure

Written proof of a current rabies vaccination, through June 30th for the current year, from a licensed veterinarian must be presented in order to obtain a license.   Dog licenses may be purchased at Goodview City Hall.  Please complete the attached application and bring with proof of current rabies to City Hall to register your dog.