Food Truck License

It is unlawful for any person to operate a food truck in the City of Goodview without a license from the City.  A license is valid for only one food truck.  Each separate food truck needs to have its own separate license.   


Food Truck Definition:  A self-contained mobile vehicle or trailer food vending operation used for the purpose of selling and serving prepared food and/or non-alcoholic drink to be consumed while parked and operating anywhere within Goodview city limits. It shall be self-powered (no electrical cords shall be laid across any street or sidewalk).

Permitted Food Truck Locations:  Food Trucks are permitted to operate in the following public locations as directed by City Ordinance (locations subject to change): 

  1. The northwest corner of the parking lot of LaCanne Park.
  2. South side of East Service Drive from 34th Avenue to 35th Avenue.
  3. South side of West Service Drive from 44th Avenue to 54th Avenue.
  4. Around Memorial Park:
  5. South side of 8th Street from 44th Avenue to 45th Avenue.
  6. West side of 44th Avenue from 8th Street to 9th Street.
  7. The Bar parking lot.
  8. East side of 41st Avenue from 6th Street to property line between The Bar and Knitcraft.
  9. North side of 6th Street from 43rd Avenue to 44th Avenue.
  10. South side of 5th Street in front of the Evans Pavilion.

Fees:   An annual application fee will be charged as established by the City Council in the master fee schedule. Such fee shall not be refundable if the permit is denied or the applicant withdraws or otherwise ceases operation or use of the permit.

Application:   To apply for a Food Truck license, please print and complete the forms below and bring them to Goodview City Hall with a copy of the license issued by the State of Minnesota Department of Health or Agriculture, proof of auto insurance coverage (if applicable), and a photocopy of valid drives's license(s) for ALL operators of the Food Truck.


Please see City Ordinance No. 116 for more detailed information.